To further enhance its offering to customers, Vanderlande recognises the need to continually invest in the development of new products, systems and services. To achieve this, the company has identified and acquired a number of suitable partners to help further develop its products, expand its portfolio, and increase its manufacturing capabilities.


After working closely together for a number of years, Vanderlande joined forces with German-based AS/RS equipment supplier Beewen in 2012. This helped to strengthen Vanderlande’s position as a systems integrator of choice, developing a number of innovative products to extend the company’s portfolio.

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In April 2015, Vanderlande acquired Dinamic Industrial Business (Dinamic). The takeover of the Spanish company has extended Vanderlande’s manufacturing capacity and added a number of new products to its distinctive portfolio.

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Vanderlande acquired Ferdar Automation Technology (Ferdar) in 2014. Ferdar’s primary role is as an integrator of robotic systems, including in the logistics sector. The takeover increased Vanderlande’s experience and competence in the application and development of robotics for goods handling.

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Sentec Software GmbH was acquired by Vanderlande in January 2017. For many years, Sentec has been a reliable partner to the German Vanderlande customer centre in Mönchengladbach. 

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Smatec GmbH was acquired by Vanderlande in October 2014. The German company (based in Bielefeld) has over 25 years’ experience in the development of warehouse automation technology and concepts.

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