In April 2015, Vanderlande acquired Dinamic Industrial Business (Dinamic). The takeover of the Spanish company has extended Vanderlande’s manufacturing capacity and added a number of new products to its distinctive portfolio.
Dinamic was founded in 1975. Initially, the company's main area of business was intralogistics, both for airports and parcel handling centres. This was complemented by the production of accessories and chassis for industrial vehicles used for moving goods. Dinamic had a significant workforce that was also involved in the development of in-house products. It was established in Santpedor (Spain) and had other facilities in the USA and China.
Recognised for its high-quality manufacturing and products, Dinamic has had a longstanding working relationship with Vanderlande. A new company, Vanderlande Dinamic, has been established in Spain. As part of the agreement, the company also acquired Dinamic Manufacturing USA Inc, which was renamed Vanderlande Manufacturing Calhoun.
Dinamic’s product range includes the Advanced automated screening lane and extendable conveyors.