Our fulfilling experience strategy

Fulfilling experience is about fostering a 100% “people first” environment to protect the wellbeing of people inside and outside the company. That means:

  • providing policies to keep our employees safe at work
  • and building a diverse and inclusive working culture, in which everyone can be themselves.

In addition, we offer:

  • a range of training programmes to ensure career progression for our people
  • engagement activities to enable everyone’s voices to be heard
  • and, close working relationships with customers to ensure they use our equipment and systems safely and efficiently.

We also demand decent conditions for those who work in our supply chain.

Away from our core activities, we’re reaching out to make a difference to the world around us. For example, we collaborate with several organisations to help people lead better lives and tackle local environmental challenges.

“There is much data to show that companies with greater diversity outperform those with less.”
Sabrina Tegelkamp
Global Talent and Performance Officer