Sustainable buildings

Building 60 – The highest environmental standards

In the summer of 2021, Building 60 opened at our headquarters in Veghel, The Netherlands. The six-floor building covers 13,400m2 and provides 800 workstations, along with a 400-seat restaurant, gym and outdoor exercise centre. In addition to being a comfortable office space, the building comes with a number of energy and resource-saving innovations:

Building 60 has also been designed with sustainable transport solutions in mind:

New campus in North America

We’re expanding and building new North American headquarters in Marietta, Georgia, which is expected to be inaugurated in summer 2022. The new campus will serve about 1,000 employees, who can enjoy walking trails and green spaces, along with a fitness centre and a full-service cafeteria. The campus is built with sustainability as a starting point, including a solar panel array off-setting 25% of electricity needs, rainwater capture for irrigation and plumbing, efficient HVAC systems and electric-vehicle charging stations.


Building 60 has been audited by the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). It received an ‘outstanding’ rating – the highest available under this method of certification. In addition, another office on campus (built prior to Building 60), Building 50, received a rating of ‘excellent’ from BREEAM. The new main building in Marietta, Georgia will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) GOLD certified, which is a green building certification programme used worldwide.