Future-proofing baggage logistics

By utilising intelligent autonomous vehicle technology, Vanderlande’s FLEET replaces the need for fixed conveyors and sorting systems. Each individual vehicle carries a single bag and determines the most optimal route through an airport. 

FLEET also consumes up to 50% less energy compared to traditional baggage handling systems. Its design means that vehicles can be recycled. Real-time track and trace of individual bags can also be facilitated, taking the performance of any baggage operation to the next level. 

FLEET offers a full end-to-end service solution, which allows airports to benefit from flexible and adaptive capacity for the lifetime of the system. 


Adding vehicles is easy, offering scalability and flexibility.

Operational certainty

A vehicle can be given priority and bypass others.


FLEET utilises less space, leaving room for future expansion.


Resilient design allows for effective operations and maintenance.


Uses 50% less energy and vehicles can be recycled.

Pleasant passenger experience

Priority bag and real-time track and trace functionalities.

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