Future-proofing baggage logistics

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is improving the transfer process on site with the installation of FLEET, Vanderlande’s innovative baggage logistics solution. This new technology is a trial.

With FLEET installed, you will use one of four self-bag drop units, from which an autonomous vehicle will collect the bag. From this point, the vehicle will transport an individual piece of luggage to one of two exits depending on whether you have selected the main carrier, or another airline.

In total, there will be six FLEET vehicles operational at DFW.

Partners in developing a sustainable future

A strong cooperation with users is at the heart of the FLEET solution and this helps Vanderlande to understand and address the challenges facing airports. Only in this way can the potential of FLEET – to offer a solution that is continually in tune with an airport’s actual demands – be realised. The experience at DFW showcases this perfectly and underlines the importance of building partnerships in order to drive operational excellence. 

Due to the new technology involved, the system will only be active during a limited number of time slots throughout the day. At all times, DFW will do its best to ensure that your journey remains as smooth as possible and your bag gets to your flight on time.

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Pleasant passenger experience

The FLEET system will offer you more control over the transfer stage of your journey, and therefore contributes to a more stress-free trip overall.

Personalized service

Each FLEET vehicle carries one bag and travels along an optimal route for faster handling. Staff are still on hand to help you if required.


We take responsibility to create a safe and healthy planet. As such, FLEET is energy efficient and the vehicles can be reused and recycled.

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