Advanced passenger checkpoint solutions

The process of moving passengers through an airport needs to be secure, seamless, rapid and deliver a positive experience for all travellers. Vanderlande cooperates closely with airports to provide the core components of the security process through innovative systems and intelligent software solutions.

As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers PAX OPTIMA. This combines state-of-the-art SCANNOJET automated screening lanes with e-Velocity remote screening software to create a fully integrated checkpoint solution. Scalable and flexible, it offers increased throughput and an improved passenger experience while allowing for easy expansion.


Improved operator performance through remote screening environment.


Increased throughput and optimised resources.


Ensures a steady flow at the checkpoint and reduces waiting time.


Increased throughput and stressless processes create a better experience.


Modularity and ease of integration provide scalability.


Ongoing product improvements meet changing regulatory and operational requirements.

The products for PAX OPTIMA

SCANNOJET Automated screening lane

SCANNOJET is the  most advanced automated screening lane (ASL) for the screening of passengers’ hand luggage in airports or other secured areas. 

Read more about SCANNOJET Automated screening lane


e-Velocity is the world's first remote screening software dedicated to carry-on baggage. Currently used on over 170 lanes, the centralised image processing solution is also the most utilised of its kind in the world.

Read more about e-Velocity

PAX OPTIMA reporting and monitoring tools

As a long-term partner, Vanderlande provides airports with customised reports, offering them a better understanding of their current performance and enable targeted improvement plans. 

Read more about PAX OPTIMA reporting and monitoring tools

The references for PAX OPTIMA

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