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BAGSTORE is Vanderlande’s system for temporary baggage storage, using proven automatic storage and retrieval system technology. Making use of racking and cranes – and with built-in 100% redundancy – it allows an item to be retrieved individually according to priority. This maximises flexibility and control.

Due to its high efficiency and small footprint, BAGSTORE can be used for storing baggage in advance, as well as for peak shaving and flow control. The benefits of BAGSTORE include:

  • proven state-of-the-art technology
  • 100% redundant system design
  • 100% storage and retrieval availability
  • on-demand individual retrieval (pull)
  • energy saving static storage.

In combination with BAGLOAD automated robot loading, BAGSTORE forms the basis of Vanderlande’s acclaimed baggage-on-demand concept, which has been implemented at several airport hubs.


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