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Vanderlande offers a range of modular check-in and self bag drop solutions that have consistently proven their effectiveness.

These include conventional manned check-ins, baggage drop-off kiosks and self check-in and bag drop systems. These units ensure:

  • rapid and efficient movement of both passengers and baggage
  • an aesthetic design that matches an airport’s existing architecture
  • easy to operate remote and self-service check-in solutions
  • the optimum design of check-in halls.

The check-in solutions are focused on delivering an ergonomic, passenger-friendly operation, which incorporates the tracking and tracing function. The design of the units will also match any current airport environment.

The modular check-in systems can be tailored to specific airport requirements and traffic densities. In addition, Vanderlande offers a range of solutions for group, out-of-gauge and/or self check-in, plus bag delivery from other sources and locations.

Vanderlande has also developed a tool that supports the design of check-in halls. This helps to assist airport management and consultants when selecting the most appropriate check-in concept to suit their needs.

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