FLEET: future-proofing baggage logistics

In the fast-changing aviation industry, passenger numbers are growing, but precise volumes are difficult to predict. Passenger expectations are evolving and digitalisation is the norm. This means that airports must adapt rapidly, while maintaining a seamless operation in a limited footprint.
Vanderlande’s FLEET is a flexible logistics solution. By utilising intelligent automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology, FLEET replaces the need for fixed conveyors and sorting systems. Each individual vehicle within the fleet carries a single bag and determines the most optimal route through an airport.
In addition, a vehicle can be given priority, which helps to safeguard the delivery of bags on time. ‘Swarm’ intelligence – combined with advanced data analytics – enables continuous adaptation and improvement.
Vanderlande’s FLEET provides the following benefits:
  • flexibility and scalability – adding vehicles is easy, and they can move where required
  • resilience – if a vehicle fails, others can simple bypass it, which guarantees operational certainty
  • sustainability – vehicles are designed to be recycled and consume up to 50% less energy compared to traditional baggage handling systems
  • compact functionality – handles more bags per cubic metre than traditional systems, so airport space can be earmarked for other commercial activities  
  • short installation window – system set-up takes a matter of months.

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