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Vanderlande’s STACK@EASE is a highly flexible and ergonomic loading aid solution that takes the heavy lifting out of manual baggage loading in flight make-up environments. It helps operators to load containers (ULDs) and carts productively, and minimises their physical workload – even during longer working periods. This greatly reduces the risk of strain and injury caused by heavy lifting tasks during luggage loading.

Calculations show a reduced risk of 75%, which can be translated directly into higher capacity per operator, shorter scheduled break times, reduced sick leave days and less need for temporary personnel on standby.

STACK@EASE helps to:

  • make operators more productive with its ergonomic, intuitive and user-friendly design
  • minimise physical workload and risk of injury for baggage loaders
  • reduce product footprint due to its compact design
  • care for people, planet and profit.
  • STACK@EASE also features an optional wireless overhead RFID scanning functionality for efficient baggage reconciliation (BRS).

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