Advanced automated screening lane

The Advanced lane is the most advanced automated screening lane (ASL) for the screening of passengers’ hand luggage in airports or other secured areas.
The solution is available in several configurations and options, which means it can be adapted to any environment or aesthetic requirements. The system improves staff efficiency and reduces operational costs.
It has been designed to achieve the highest screening capacity, provide a constant flow of passengers, and offer an outstanding level of security and ergonomics.
The Advanced ASL guarantees an excellent passenger experience throughout the checkpoint. Ultimately, the security process is less stressful, more straightforward and comfortable for travellers.
  1. 1. Passengers approach the inspection security lane where they can prepare their hand luggage to be analysed

    The parallel divestment stations allow several passengers to simultaneously lay their belongings on the conveyor.

  2. 2. After the divestment, trays are moved to the X-ray scanner to be analysed.

    Once the baggage has been scanned, local or remote screeners can automatically divert trays that do not comply with security requirements.

  3. 3. Passengers who have passed through the metal detector arrive at the reclaim area in a relaxed and sequenced manner. 

    Those individuals with rejected baggage after screening must instead make their way to the manual inspection zone.

    The automatic tray return system guarantees a continuous stream of trays to the initial point on the conveyor.