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All over the world, authorities and airports have 100% hold baggage screening (HBS) requirements. Throughput rates have to be guaranteed, while minimising inconvenience and delays, and ensuring that all bags are secure. This demands smart solutions at all of the required screening levels.

Integrated hold baggage screening solutions

HBS involves more than simply installing screening machines. Ensuring that all bags are secure requires a concept that integrates this technology for both efficient operations and favourable life-cycle costs. This gives passengers the security and convenience they expect. Vanderlande has the knowledge and experience to implement the optimum solution for an airport’s individual requirements.

Similarly, complying with the latest Standard 3 regulations is not just a matter of removing existing screening systems and replacing them with new ones. Careful attention is needed for system integration, cost-effectiveness and optimum capacity utilisation. Working together with airport operators, Vanderlande has the expertise and capability to plan and implement a complex changeover from Standard 2 to Standard 3 in an operational environment.

Integrated hold baggage screening solutions

Vanderlande’s HBS solutions offer the following benefits:

  • bags can be screened either loose or in-tub using an ICS solution such as TUBTRAX
  • highest throughput rates
  • efficient operation
  • multi-level screening concepts
  • fail-safe tracking
  • integration in operational environments.

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