Vanderlande’s UV-C Tray Disinfection solution has been designed to reduce the potential for pathogens to be transmitted at security checkpoints. This helps to ensure the safety of both passengers and airport staff.

Designed to be integrated with either new or existing automated screening lanes, the unit uses shortwave LED ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and  deactivate viruses on trays between each use.

Vanderlande’s UV-C Tray Disinfection solution:

  • is 99.9% effective in the killing of viruses and bacteria at each pass of the tray (in the tray return system)
  • disinfects the entire tray with UV-C light, ensuring all-round coverage
  • uses LED lightbulbs – a safe and sustainable alternative to mercury
  • is shielded from passengers and airport staff, preventing exposure to UV-C light.


Vanderlande also works proactively with the market to create preventive solutions, such as tempered glass shields. Installed at the divest, reclaim, and secondary inspection areas to create a physical barrier between passengers and staff, the protective panels help airports make checkpoints safer for everyone.


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