Pushers and diverters

Vanderlande offers a wide range of pushers and diverters to sort baggage on a horizontal plane in a single direction, and to a sole destination. It can provide the most appropriate solution for any baggage handling system.
The VERTIBELT sorts single bags, or trains of bags, to a single destination. This is useful for final sortation, routing purposes and redundant fallback options. It uses a rigid conveyor that is vertically mounted in a frame, with horizontal diversion by means of a crank mechanism. The benefits of the VERTIBELT include:
  • capacity for processing 1,200 bags per hour
  • a robust design
  • the lowest industry noise level
  • low maintenance.
Parallel pusher
The parallel pusher is used when sorting single bags to one destination only. When activated, a pusher plate operates at 90° to the transport direction moving the bag to the correct destination or on to a connecting conveyor. The parallel pusher provides:
  • the capacity to handle 1,800 bags per hour
  • a compact design
  • the lowest industry noise level
  • easy maintenance and repair.
High-capacity diverter
The durable divert blade of the high-capacity diverter (HCD) makes an optimal curve by sliding over the pivot point. This allows for high-capacity baggage sorting with minimum impact on baggage. The HCD is installed one side of the conveyor, enabling easy replacement of old pusher systems. It is equipped with a 45° reverse merge, parallel divert and perpendicular output and the divert blade is able to remain deployed to ensure transfer of baggage. The HCD is:
  • capable of handling 3,600 bags per hour
  • compatible with either existing or new baggage handling systems
  • easy to maintain
  • optimised for improved baggage tracking, owing to controlled orientation after sorting.