Vanderlande’s VERTISORTER sorts baggage vertically from one conveyor on to two new lines, placed one above the other. To facilitate this, two hinged switch belt conveyors move in opposite directions. The VERTISORTER can also be used in a reversed manner (VERTIMERGE), when merging two lines into one.
The VERTICROSS is a vertical sortation and transportation unit related to the VERTISORTER. It can be used for merging, splitting and sorting transport lines. Due to the reduced amount of equipment and building space the VERTICROSS requires, its installation can reduce the overall cost of a system.
The VERTICROSS can typically be used to create redundancy in a baggage handling system. In an existing example, where two transport lines are used – each with a dedicated destination – redundancy allows one input line to be split into two. The two input lines can also be combined into one, offering more flexibility in the design of a baggage handling system. In addition, the VERTICROSS can be used to merge and sort baggage from two input lines on to two output lines. Both products feature:
  • the capacity to handle up to 1,800 bags per hour
  • no physical impact on baggage
  • flexibility in system design
  • higher tracking performance
  • local controls included
  • a safeguarded design for safety.