Baggage transportation solutions

All transportation solutions are a compromise between economic, technical and operational considerations. Vanderlande takes into account the required system availability, speed, throughput capacity, baggage types, existing space, and tracking and tracing needs when designing value-added solutions.
Each of the ICS solutions helps to achieve an optimum level of accuracy and traceability. Since 1990, Vanderlande has successfully implemented many ICS systems at a number of major airports.
The company’s baggage conveyors have a proven track record as a reliable building block for baggage handling systems. The standard conveyor requires little maintenance and also minimises energy consumption. The latest development in conveyors, the BLUEVEYOR, was designed under Cradle to Cradle principles. This means that it is extremely energy efficient and has been optimised for both reuse and recycling of materials after service

Conveyability check (BAGCHECK)

In partnership with Type22, Vanderlande presents BAGCHECK, a powerful baggage analysis and classification system that determines individual baggage conveyance requirements in automated baggage handling systems.

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Conveyors (Raw baggage)

The belt conveyor takes many different forms and is found in almost every baggage handling system. 

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Individual carrier systems (ICS) are designed to transport bags in carriers at high speeds over long distances. 

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