TUBTRAX and BAGTRAX individual carrier systems
Individual carrier systems (ICS) are designed to transport bags in carriers at high speeds over long distances. Vanderlande offers two ICS solutions – TUBTRAX and BAGTRAX – which provide the following benefits:
  • full tracking from bag drop to reclaim
  • smart energy control with green principles in mind
  • robust and reliable
  • safe and maintenance friendly
  • fast connection times.
TUBTRAX is a high-speed baggage conveying system that delivers excellent process control and low operational costs. Bags loaded in carriers are transported smoothly and combine high capacity with faultless tracking. This makes the system beneficial at every stage of the baggage handling process.
TUBTRAX carriers can travel seamlessly over lean-design twin belts, through level two and three screening equipment (ECAC 3 approved and certified) and be used on tilt-tray sorters for high-capacity sorting. With an average speed of 2.5 m/s, transport is twice as fast as conventional ‘raw’ baggage systems. This level of performance can be further improved with belt speeds of up to 6 m/s achievable.
In addition, storage in static EBS racks with individual access prevents energy consuming recirculation, and TUBTRAX systems can be flexibly scaled to the correct capacity depending on the actual baggage flow. This means that all processes are handled with minimum energy usage.

For the shortest possible in-system times, Vanderlande offers a unique solution for super high speed bag processing by integrating TUBTRAX with the proven BAGTRAX technology.
By transporting carts on rails (similar to a rollercoaster) with linear drive technology, speeds of 14 m/s are achievable. The system offers unbeatable availability over long transport sections, requiring fewer connection lines compared with traditional technologies.
This is combined with maintenance-free rail technology and low-energy consumption at high speeds, making BAGTRAX the ideal system for transporting carriers through tunnels between terminals.