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Vanderlande’s Multiplex screening software is the world’s first centralised image processing solution dedicated to carry-on baggage. Currently used on over 200 lanes, it is also one of the most utilised of its kind in the world.


Increase passenger throughput  

  • Utilises multiplexing
  • Greater deployment flexibility
  • Improved resource utilisation

Enhance security

  • Maximum effectiveness of security agents
  • Reduced insider threat thanks to remote X-ray image analysis
  • Increased risk-based screening capabilities
  • Added detection capabilities (bottle, liquid, and gun detection)

Lower costs

  • Reduced labour expenditure
  • Delayed capital expenditure (higher throughput can be obtained with fewer lanes)
  • Advanced algorithm options (eg clear bag)

Improve passenger experience 

  • Reduced queuing times
  • Improved divesting process when combined with automated security lanes

Upgrade monitoring capabilities

  • Integrated data collection of all security checkpoint equipment
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting dashboards

“The remote screening system has helped us to reduce the operating costs of our airport, but also increase the throughput of our security operations. Overall, we are highly satisfied with the performance of e-Velocity at Brussels Airport.” 

— Arnaud Feist, CEO Brussels Airport   


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