Vanderlande launches new automated screening lane PAX Compact

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Vanderlande has launched its new automated screening lane (ASL) – PAX Compact. Dedicated to airport security checkpoints with space constraints, PAX Compact improves the user experience and optimises the screening process when compared to conventional manual lanes.

The experience acquired through years of cooperation with airports of all sizes across the globe has proven that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the screening process. The latest addition to Vanderlande’s portfolio of passenger checkpoint solutions, PAX Compact will allow the company to better meet the needs of customers and partners with specific requirements.

With its flexible configuration and smaller footprint (starting at only 10 metres), the new Vanderlande ASL is ideal for airports with shorter checkpoints, lower throughput requirements, or for staff screening areas. PAX Compact shares the core characteristics of Vanderlande’s other proven checkpoint solutions and is modular, future-proof and agnostic. The lane can also integrate with both conventional and CT scanners, and can facilitate remote screening for optimal effectiveness.

12月 21, 2021



10月 21, 2021


青岛国际机场集团最近在中国青岛市胶州隆重庆祝了新青岛胶东国际机场的投运。范德兰德提供了全套机场行李处理系统(BHS)。项目于2016年启动, 范德兰德中国领导着多个国际化团队实现了该项目的圆满交付。

8月 19, 2021

Leveraging wide area networks to boost airport efficiencies

While networking of screening equipment and in particular CIP has been an important topic for some time, the use and benefits of WANs has not. However, understanding what they are and how they can be used, can be crucial in unlocking operational improvements at the security checkpoint.