Recio enjoys the benefits of ADAPTO

11 May 2016

Warehouses and distribution centres face more challenges than ever to enhance service levels, generate higher productivity, optimise space and reduce costs. In addition, the rise of e-commerce has seen growth in the demand for state-of-the-art warehouse solutions. ADAPTO is an innovative solution that helps meet these demands.

Spanish company Recio was one of the first customers to benefit from ADAPTO. It ensures easy access to products at all times, and was tailored to fit exactly within the company’s distribution centre. Watch Recio’s story in the movie below.

Ready for the US 

ADAPTO has already proven its worth in the European market, with a number of sales to high-profile companies. As of April 2016, the European innovation award winner is also available in the USA, and will be of particular interest to companies handling small parts, as well as e-commerce, food retail and fashion suppliers. 

Discover more about ADAPTO here.

Recio's story:

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