AIRTRAX, next step in warehouse solutions for hanging goods

11 May 2016
Vanderlande’s latest addition to its product portfolio – AIRTRAX – was officially launched at this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Germany. Designed by a highly experienced team, AIRTRAX is an innovative and reliable concept for transporting, sorting and storing hanging goods.    
It offers a wide range of features and benefits, and is capable of moving large volumes of hanging goods across large distances with ease. Ideal for high-frequency environments, such as fashion and e-commerce, AIRTRAX delivers high throughput rates and rapid sortation speed.
AIRTRAX is a modular, flexible and convenient concept that offers high performance. It contains one base on to which all types of carrier modules are fitted to facilitate various functions, and requires relatively few parts. 
In addition, AIRTRAX enables full 3D warehouse layouts, and is customisable to individual requirements. It is the first 100% friction-driven concept on the market, and because there is no need to oil or grease the chain, it is perfect for handling exposed goods.  
For more information, go to the AIRTRAX page.
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