Operate internationally means fierce competition. Continuous innovation is the key to win in a world that is changing faster and faster. Innovation is essential for Vanderlande to supply the specific solutions required by its customers. And that is where the firm’s R&D department comes in, with 200 people developing the necessary hardware and software in-house.
Vanderlande takes its responsibility for a sustainable future by developing products and solutions that are healthier to work with, reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimize the CO² emissions. Examples of the company’s sustainable solutions are STACK@EASE (an ergonomic lifting aid for baggage) and PICK@EASE (an ergonomic work station for collecting orders). In addition, a good example is the BLUEVEYOR, world’s first conveyorbelt designed according the Cradle to Cradle principle. The BLUEVEYOR is free from harmful or toxic materials, such as PVC and designed for complete disassembly at the end of its life-cycle.
Other examples of innovations are: