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Advanced passenger checkpoint solutions

The process of moving passengers through an airport needs to be secure, seamless, rapid and deliver a positive experience for all travellers. Vanderlande cooperates closely with airports to provide the core components of the security process through innovative systems and intelligent software solutions.

As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers PAX CHECKPOINT. This combines state-of-the-art automated screening lanes with a configurable multiplex screening software to create a fully integrated checkpoint solution. Scalable and flexible, it offers increased throughput and an improved passenger experience while allowing for easy expansion.


Improved operator performance through remote screening environment.


Increased throughput and optimised resources.


Ensures a steady flow at the checkpoint and reduces waiting time.


Increased throughput and stressless processes create a better experience.


Modularity and ease of integration provide scalability.


Ongoing product improvements meet changing regulatory and operational requirements.
Reporting & Monitoring tools Real-time and historical data collected from X-rays, lanes, and other checkpoint equipment is made available for reporting and monitoring purposes.
Remote screening room Agents perform image analysis in a remote area, away from distractions. The ratio of agents-to-lane can be adapted to counter the effect of traffic variation.
Recheck station Inspection agents receive results of the primary image analysis, leading to more efficient searches.
Tray return system Empty trays are collected at the end of the lane and automatically sent to the divest station.
Automated diverter Items deemed suspicious are diverted to a secure recheck area.
Parallel divesting Passengers can move at their own pace and use multiple trays without slowing the process.

The products for PAX CHECKPOINT

PAX Advanced automated screening lane

The PAX Advanced lane is the most cutting-edge automated screening lane (ASL) for the screening of passengers’ hand luggage in airports or other secured areas.

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PAX MX2 allows passengers to divest and reclaim on both sides of the screening machine, ultimately offering the efficiency of two conventional lanes with fewer employees and less equipment.

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PAX Compact

PAX Compact is ideal for airports with shorter checkpoints, lower throughput requirements, or for staff screening areas.

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PAX Divest Assistant

The PAX Divest Assistant introduces a self-service function to airport security checkpoints by allowing passengers to move through the divestment process without the help of a local agent.

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PAX Multiplex screening software

PAX Multiplex screening software is the most flexible centralised image processing solution dedicated to carry-on baggage and able to work with multiple X-ray and CT solutions.

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PAX CHECKPOINT reporting and monitoring tools

Vanderlande’s web-based reporting and monitoring tools help to improve the efficiency of security checkpoints by gathering real-time and historical data.

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