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Store-friendly deliveries and a redundant design

In today’s food retail market, many companies are challenged by a lack of available workforce at their distribution centres. This means that the automation of core warehouse processes is crucial to ensure ongoing success.

In addition, the growing number of multiple store formats is making store-friendly deliveries increasingly important. This includes both full case – and single item – deliveries. The expanding number of SKUs (stock keeping units) also has an impact on effective space use.

To keep up with an exponentially growing market, scalable solutions are vital. As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – Vanderlande offers STOREPICK, which seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services.

STOREPICK is a robotised, end-to-end automated case picking (ACP) warehouse solution that allows you to optimise the processes of your entire value chain. It effectively handles both incoming and outgoing goods, and guarantees store-friendly deliveries across multiple store formats.

STOREPICK is ideal for retailers that use ambient, fresh and chilled warehouse processes, and offers:

  • store-friendly deliveries
  • the efficient transport of products
  • a redundant design.
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With simplicity in mind, Vanderlande’s evolutions streamline the logistics process in an attractive platform that is highly intuitive, requires minimal training and is easy to operate. Alongside optimised ergonomics and sustainable productivity, evolutions provide the best possible user experience.


When fulfilling a diverse order profile, handling varying SKU ranges or changing any logistic process, evolutions offer the optimum flexibility to tackle multiple challenges.


Vanderlande’s innovative approach puts scalability at the core of evolutions. This allows warehouses to easily adapt to seasonal peaks, changing throughput and storage requirements, and growing business demands.
Palletising - Automated Load cases from trays on to an order carrier. Load Forming Logic optimises load carrier utilisation and store friendliness.
Tray storage Temporary buffer of (single SKU or empty) trays that are presented in the right sequence for stacking on pallets or roll cages.
Teaching Determine and manage all relevant SKU properties that are required for automated processing and to building store-friendly load carriers.
Pallet storage Automated pallet storage for fast, smooth and efficient pallet handling.
Depalletising - Automated Destack cases from a single SKU pallet and load them into trays for further processing.
Depalletising - Manual Destack cases from a single SKU pallet and load them into trays for further processing.
Marshalling The marshalling buffer handles load carriers containing outbound goods. These are produced in the warehouse or are part of a cross-dock flow.
Palletising - Manual Load cases from trays on to an order carrier. Load Forming Logic optimises load carrier utilisation and store friendliness.
Control room A physical control room, including Wi-Fi, dedicated phone system, radio channels and CCTV, from which efficient warehouse operations are secured.

The products of STOREPICK


ADAPTO is a unique 3D, shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) with built-in sorting and sequencing capabilities.

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VISION is a future-proof and user-friendly software platform and offers a single platform for all automated and manual warehouse functions.

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Load forming logic

Load forming logic (LFL) software uniquely sequences pallets to match a specific store layout—facilitating store-friendly deliveries and the efficient transportation of goods.

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Palletising (manual or robotised) occurs after goods have been retrieved from the storage area in the correct sequence.

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Pallet AV

Pallet AV is Vanderlande’s autonomous vehicle (AV) solution for pallet transport within warehouses. It offers customers a fully integrated and flexible solution that can perfectly match their changing business needs.

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STOREPICK references



The ideal match for Asda’s brief was Vanderlande’s automated case picking (ACP) solution. The 28,600m2 DC now handles 840,000 cases per day and processes 7,800 SKUs.

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To ensure that E.Leclerc Socamaine was able to meet its challenges head-on, Vanderlande proposed an integrated end-to-end solution – Automated Case Picking (ACP).

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