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The demands of modern society mean that e-commerce and omni-channel warehouses and distribution centres must fulfil thousands of orders with ever-increasing service level requirements. 

However, it is difficult to accommodate time-critical processes if your operation is not optimised to meet these requirements. Handling unpredictable consumer demand and a high volume of customer returns requires a flexible and future-proof solution. 

The ideal solution

That’s why we developed AIRPICK – a scalable solution that is part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions AIRPICK seamlessly integrates innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. This solution combines efficient picking with flawless automated sortation to individual orders in our pocket sorter, AIRTRAX Pocket. AIRPICK can sort an extremely wide range of products at a low investment level. 

In the AIRPICK solution items are picked manually from various warehouse areas. By picking orders in a continuous flow, order pickers can pick more items in less time. During the multi-phase sortation, articles that are inducted randomly are quickly and automatically moved into the desired sequence. The items are presented to the pack operator per order and if required, with the items in a desired sequence.

AIRPICK can sort an extremely wide range of goods at a low investment level and is the ideal solution if your operation must cope with any of the following challenges.

Matching consumer demand

Predicting the required volumes of stock is incredibly difficult, especially when factoring in various seasonal spikes. Even something commonplace such as the weather can have an effect. For example, a sunny weekend might cause a spike in the demand for summer clothing.

Fluctuations in consumer behaviour also cause unpredictable changes in demand. Given this uncertainty and complexity, your warehouse operation has to be flexible and scalable enough to overcome the challenges of an erratic market.

More customer returns than ever

Alongside ever-changing consumer demands, fashion retailers have to cope with all manner of returns . That means that your operation needs to have as few touch points as possible when handling returns. 

AIRPICK facilitates the smart handling of returned goods, by storing returned products in the pocket system and making them available for immediate sortation to the next order. This saves valuable time and effort, because the item does not need to be returned to the storage rack to be re-picked for another order.

Ready for the world of tomorrow

The world is changing rapidly and the right solution today could be quickly outdated tomorrow. Warehouse operations need to be flexible and scalable enough to grow alongside your business objectives, and this includes software. 

At Vanderlande, we think creatively about how to future-proof warehouses. This is why AIRPICK has been designed specifically with scalability, flexibility and usability in mind.

When reliability matters

We understand the complexities of running a successful e-commerce warehouse. With AIRPICK, you can handle different order lead-time requirements easily, because it automatically prioritises orders based on cut-off times. 

To make the system run smoothly, our flexible and adaptable VISION software for automation control intelligently connects and synchronises equipment, robotics, people and processes. This helps to optimise performance, supports operational management, increases service levels and reduces order fulfilment costs.

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