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For parcel operators, a smooth operation while unloading goods is crucial. That’s why – at Vanderlande Santpedor – we’ve been developing a state-of-the-art telescopic conveyor. This is set to maximise the effectiveness of this stage of the parcel handling process.

The background to this project begins in 2015, when Vanderlande acquired Dinamic Industrial Business (Dinamic). The company had long been regarded for its high-quality manufacturing processes, and had already enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with Vanderlande.

Following the takeover, Dinamic was renamed Vanderlande Santpedor, and given an exciting remit – to expand our manufacturing interests through the continued development of new and existing products.

An ideal partnership

This was a logical step, because Vanderlande Santpedor had a number of innovative products in its portfolio to begin with. This included SCANNOJET – an automated security check system – as well as the Beltcurve and telescopic conveyors.

The acquisition came at the ideal time for both organisations. On the one hand, Vanderlande was looking for ways to increase its manufacturing capacity, while controlling the design and development of new technology.

Alongside this, Dinamic’s existing products boosted Vanderlande’s portfolio, while adding a 22,000m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

A unique proposition

The fine balance between production and development at Vanderlande Santpedor has been quickly realised. We have overall responsibility for designing, testing, selling, supplying and servicing the products we create.

This means that we are effectively a product development unit, with our own research and development department. Over the past year, our combined product knowledge and manufacturing capacity have resulted in the new Telescopic Conveyor 2.0.

For me, there is an obvious motive behind our decision to innovate. Put simply, our customers are demanding shorter delivery times, which is driving the speed of our operation.

Four design principles

The newly designed Telescopic Conveyor 2.0 has been created according to four principles:

1.improved quality
2.easier servicing
3.enhanced comfort and ergonomics
4.revised PLC architecture.

One of the key drivers for us was to enhance the overall standard of our telescopic conveyors. As such, we’ve smoothed the telescopic movement and improved other aspects of the equipment.

We’ve factored in easier access to the components for maintenance, which will help to reduce the total cost of ownership. In addition, we’ve improved the ergonomic design of the operation area, which will increase the comfort for operators.

Finally, we upgraded our PLC architecture to deliver a ‘plug-and-play’ configuration. This will go a long way to fulfilling current safety regulations, which is an important requirement in the market.

Added value

The first projects for the Telescopic Conveyor 2.0 are already being piloted, and the benefit to our customers is clear – we can deliver an innovative telescopic conveyor that reduces loading and unloading times. The Telescopic Conveyor 2.0 can also be supplied with several configurations.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase productivity, safety and reliability for our customers at their loading and unloading areas. Thanks to our knowledge, combined with our production capacity, we’re looking forward to launching a product that will quickly bring added value to the market.

Christian Schneeberger
Christian Schneeberger
Executive Manager Product Group

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