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In the global food retail market, stores need their deliveries on time and without errors. Consumer demands require food retailers to provide shoppers with full shelves, improve service levels to stores, and tackle rising operational and labour costs.

The challenges associated with labour scarcity may also lead to operational risk. Even if you must still rely on manual labour, the processes inside your distribution centre (DC) should at least become more predictable.

Opening the door to automation

By taking a step towards automation, retailers can increase picking productivity and service levels, make efficiency improvements, and reduce operational risks.

Process predictability, a limited CAPEX and a fast ROI are now more important than ever. Taking a first step towards automation (potentially from a standing start) has several proven advantages. Once established, automation can be further fine-tuned to match individual processes inside your DC.

Automated cross-docking solutions such as Vanderlande’s XDOCK are an ideal option. It is particularly effective if you are a food retailer serving over 30 stores (of multiple profiles), providing a large product assortment, and/or focusing on chilled and ambient flows, but have a limited experience with automation.

Exploring the potential

By facilitating the direct trans-shipment of products to stores on an on-demand basis, XDOCK reduces delivery times. It also improves the quality and completeness of orders, leads to enhanced tracking and tracing, and guarantees more accurate deliveries.

By combining ergonomic infeed stations with Vanderlande’s POSISORTER (sliding shoe sorter), XDOCK efficiently facilitates a stockless operation and can handle a wide range of case types. It also eliminates many traditional handling operations, such as storage.

The height adjustable infeed stations have been designed to minimise heavy lifting, while two operators can work simultaneously, therefore improving productivity. In addition, the POSISORTER offers a high sort accuracy while generating low noise levels.

The highest level of service

XDOCK is the perfect blend of past, present and future. Not only will it increase your service levels today, but it’s a system that has proven its reliability and high availability for over 30 years. Alongside that, XDOCK is future-proof and can be easily scaled up to support a growing operation.

One of the key advantages of XDOCK is that it offers a rapid ROI from a relatively low capital investment. A robust solution, it puts you in control through intelligent software. This gives useful insights into the location of a product, right down to the individual load carrier.

For food retailers looking to explore a higher level of automation, Vanderlande can help support you in this transition. With vast experience of implementing cross-dock solutions globally, we are a highly reliable partner and will be by your side for the lifetime of the system.

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XDOCK is Vanderlande’s cross-dock solution that facilitates the automation of stockless operations.

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