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Our expectations for rapid deliveries – whenever and wherever we want – have become embedded in the way we think about products and services. As a result, the e-commerce market offers huge growth potential. 

However, this also means that a warehouse can reach its limits much sooner than expected. In addition, increasing storage requirements, expanding SKU ranges and dealing with variable order sizes can be serious challenges.

As part of our next generation of scalable solutions – evolutions – we developed FASTPICK. It is a goods-to-person order fulfilment system that uses advanced ADAPTO shuttles for product storage and retrieval.

Efficiently handling peaks

Holidays, changing seasons and promotional weekends contribute to online retail peaks, which bring a surge of additional work. This means that you must scale up your operations to process the large amount of orders effectively. 

The unique ADAPTO shuttle system makes FASTPICK extremely scalable and the optimal solution for an environment facing unpredictable growth requirements.

The need to increase storage or throughput can be independently added to the goods-to-person part of the solution. Extremely short-term expansions required in peak times can be realised through highly efficient trolley picking.

Changing lead time requirements

Consumers demand speed, accuracy and flexibility. Same-day deliveries, or even within a few hours, are now an important driver for online businesses. This means your warehouse needs to facilitate short lead times and help you to exceed your customers’ expectations. 

FASTPICK can handle orders with extremely short lead times. The combination of the ADAPTO shuttle system and the ability to fulfil an entire order on a single workstation results in an order fulfilment lead time as low as ten minutes.

Challenging labour market

High labour costs – or lack of operator availability – are other challenges to consider. For these reasons, automation can be a logical option. During peak times, more staff need to be operational as quickly as possible. By designing systems and software in a user-friendly way, people can start immediately and without lengthy training.    

By allowing an operator to work on one order at a time, FASTPICK offers the highest picking rates in the market. Furthermore, our focus on an optimised user experience enables a fast learning process where operators are fully trained to work at a workstation within 10 minutes. 

In the FASTPICK solution, picking workstations can also be fitted with a collaborative Smart Item Robot to further increase efficiency and reduce the number of picking operators required.

Ready for tomorrow

The world is changing rapidly, and it is unpredictable and volatile. What you need today, could be entirely different tomorrow. That’s why you’ll need to design your warehouse operations with the future in mind. 

The ADAPTO shuttle system makes FASTPICK extremely scalable and ideal for an environment facing unpredictable growth requirements. The need to increase storage or throughput can be independently added to the goods-to-person part of our solution. 

When fulfilling a diverse order profile, handling varying SKU ranges or changing any logistic process, FASTPICK offers optimum flexibility. 

To make the system run smoothly, our flexible and adaptable VISION software for automation control intelligently connects and synchronises equipment, robotics, people and processes. Our VISION software is extremely flexible by design. Due to its unique Microservices configuration, it enables you to quickly adapt to changing business processes without making extensive adjustments to the software. 

Exceeding expectations

Through our in-house design skills and project execution capabilities, we work hard to create the ideal solution that helps to exceed your customers’ expectations. As such, FASTPICK helps to ensure that your business runs smoothly and profitably, and will also improve your competitive position. 

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