InsightsThe advantages of remote screening through a wide area network

Airport passenger traffic is growing by a healthy average of 3.8% per annum worldwide. At the same time, the industry continues to respond to ever-increasing requirements for increased security. These trends require airports to adapt to new regulations, and make constant changes to security procedures and processes to combat potential threats.

These changes are occurring worldwide and do not discriminate based on airport size. Airports operating in remote locations are now experiencing new challenges, such as the balancing of human resources, increasing costs and maintaining a higher level of security, with lower passenger volumes than their larger counterparts.

If such airports are managed by a larger group, the use of remote screening through a wide area network could help address some of these challenges by centralising and distributing screening operations.

We have made a case study, which presents this approach and its many benefits for the affected airports in terms of financial, human and material resources being optimised, while maintaining or even increasing security.

The goals of this trial were to assess: the software capabilities through a WAN; the possible lag of data transferring through the network and its effects on the network load; the impact on screening operations; and the potential benefits of the solution.

Download the case study: Remote screening through a wide area network (WAN)

In 2017, Vanderlande executed a WAN proof of concept at two airports in Finland, located 600 km apart. Download the case study to read more about the advantages of using WAN for remote screening.

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Mark Elliot
Mark Elliot
Director, Products and Partners, Vanderlande APC

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