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Vanderlande’s Educate service leads to the improved reliability and increased productivity of your operations. This educational programme will help you to develop and secure the knowledge required for your personnel to efficiently operate, maintain and run your material handling system.

Training courses

Our training courses are relevant to all levels within your organisation, from the operators and maintenance personnel to the operations management team. The invaluable knowledge acquired from the courses will enhance their levels of experience and competence on an ongoing basis.

Vanderlande’s Educate portfolio helps you overcome the ongoing challenges to your business. Depending on individual requirements there are training courses with a focus on:

  • how to operate your system (Operate) – courses explaining efficient utilisation of operator workstations
  • how to maintain your system (Maintenance) – courses on the effective upkeep of all components (eg mechanical, electrical, and low- and high-level controls)
  • how to efficiently safeguard the overall operation of your system (Logistics) – understanding the dynamics of your system to optimise performance.

Training courses are conducted at our own training centre in Veghel (The Netherlands), or can be given on site if required.

Life-long learning

Over time, knowledge levels naturally decrease. This reduction may also lead to a decrease in the availability of the system. To prevent this, Vanderlande recommends periodic training to maintain the highest level of performance.

Our dedication to life-long learning is something we are proud of. Regular training sessions are invaluable and ensure that the core capabilities are instilled within the appropriate people, and that performance levels are maintained.

If necessary, Vanderlande assesses the skills of your employees on an ongoing basis to determine if the current skill level meets the desired target.