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Due to the complexity of today’s material handling systems, it is crucial that you safeguard the high availability of equipment integral to your operation and keep it safe from cybersecurity threats. Frequent and thorough inspections are necessary to keep these systems performing optimally.

Inspections are planned site visits to analyse your system in order to identify its operational condition and cybersecurity status, and outline any findings or recommendations. Some inspections can be done remotely via a secured line.

During or outside of operational hours

Vanderlande can conduct inspections at a time that suits you, depending on the nature of the individual issue and the type of equipment. These can also be performed at frequent or occasional intervals based on the criticality of the components involved.

At all times, we are committed to ensuring your material handling system performs optimally. Vanderlande has the knowledge to determine the condition of all components that are critical to your system, including:

  • IT and OT infrastructure
  • low- and high-level controls
  • mechanical and electrical equipment.

In addition, our specially trained engineers make use of thermal imagery to assess faults.

Tailored to individual needs

Vanderlande’s Inspect services give you a detailed insight into the status and security of your material handling system. This is the ideal starting point in determining the necessary steps to keep it in excellent condition. Based on your requirements – and our expertise – we determine the ideal inspection, together.

Vanderlande offers five options in response to the challenges you may face:

  • equipment inspection
  • IT and controls health check
  • vulnerability scanning of IT and OT components
  • product life-cycle inspection
  • incident analysis.