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Life-cycle planning

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Logistic process automation is advancing at a rapid rate, driven by the continued need for elevated customer service levels and flexibility. The demands for increased reliability, reduced operational costs, and the ability to cope with market changes are also important. Without the correct attention, your material handling system is at risk of losing its maximum effectiveness over time.


The life cycle of your material handling system

The components of your system have a specific lifetime. To keep it in good working order, these parts need to be replaced or upgraded during the system’s life cycle.

We approach this in a proactive way, so that risks can be minimised and costs predicted. For instance, your business may change during the coming years. Vanderlande can take this into account in terms of which modifications are required to provide an optimal level of support.

Life-cycle planning ensures system continuity

Vanderlande offers a comprehensive life-cycle planning service, which has been designed as the ideal solution to the challenges you face. It will be tailored to your business requirements, and gives you:

  • predictable risk and costs
  • multi-year budgeting
  • optimum system performance
  • direct translation of your business outlook to the material handling system.

Our life-cycle planning comprises three solutions, depending on your needs, each increasing in scope.

  • Life-cycle plan (System)
    This plan offers insights into the status of your material handling system, outlines any impact on availability and improves cost predictability. This also helps you mitigate risk based on your system’s condition and against any compliancy issues. In addition, we offer insights into technical regulations influencing your material handling system and your maintenance situation.
  • Life-cycle plan (Operations)
    Vanderlande provides important insights into how your material handling system fits your current business objectives, and what type of risks could impact its availability. The emphasis is on improving the predictability of cost, risk and performance regarding your material handling system. It also provides the correct information you need to better allocate your budget.We assess the condition of your material handling system, and analyse the performance and capacity of your system. Any bottlenecks are also identified. By understanding how your system performs and what risks could impact your business, we help you make the most cost-effective decisions to maximise the performance of your material handling system.We use two types of analyses in order to better understand your system: ‘criticality analysis’ and ‘system performance analysis’.
  • Life-cycle planning (Business Outlook)
    This ensures that your material handling system is future-proof. Vanderlande assesses different scenarios based on your business outlook. For example, if you are expecting a significant change in volume size or category.The plan analyses a range of scenarios and translates the outcomes into actionable steps, including the expected budget.