Vanderlande’s Hotline services are even more effective with the addition of EYE4U. This is a compact, easy-to-use video camera that is convenient to wear. It also leaves the hands of your maintenance team free to locate and point out details. 
By providing two-way voice communication, it replaces the telephone as the central means of contact. Images of the system are encrypted for secure transmission and streamed directly to Vanderlande’s Service Desk. They then provide live instructions on how to resolve the issue. 
EYE4U is of significant benefit in situations that are hard to explain, and immediately overcomes any language barrier. It is optionally available within our Hotline services, and helps your engineers to be clear about what they are confronted with on site. 
It is also useful for eliminating any misunderstandings. This reduces the time taken to diagnose an issue, which improves uptime and increases system availability. EYE4U can even remove the need for a site visit by one of Vanderlande’s service engineers.