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In today’s world of global demand, 24/7 coverage – in combination with the highest levels of availability – is crucial. This means that rapid response times are vital, depending on the criticality of an issue. For material handling systems, this requires monitoring every aspect coordinated by control room operators.

Vanderlande is able to oversee and control your entire system to build a seamless process. This extends from the moment an item enters the system through to its final handover. Central monitoring, prioritisation, and the efficient use, of technology and resources are key.

We achieve this by defining your requirements, contingency procedures and escalation protocols. We also set up an organisational structure, establish process flows and a continuous improvement cycle.  

Vanderlande delivers a ‘physical’ control room (Wi-Fi, dedicated phone system, radio channels and CCTV), and stress tests the system. Finally, we assume responsibility for the operation, including logistical flows and incidents.

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