Partner in business services

As a partner in business services, Vanderlande develops a close partnership with its customers to make it easier to improve their competitiveness, adapt business models and future-proof business performance. 
Business needs can change over time as well as regulatory demands. This puts additional pressure on realising revenue growth initiatives, managing capital expenditure and increasing productivity. 
With its long history of developing cutting-edge technologies and optimising logistic process automation at airports, warehouses and for parcel companies, Vanderlande fully understands these demands and their potential impact. 
Business services comprises two solutions. 
In Consult, we support you in overcoming your business challenges. This solution consists of the following services:
Participate is the ultimate definition of partnership. Vanderlande enters into business with you, taking full responsibility for all logistic process automation, and sharing the financial challenges of new investments. The following services are part of this solution: