Partner in logistic services

If you want to reach excellence in material handling logistics, Vanderlande can be your partner in logistic services. We can take over full responsibility for your operations to simplify the overall process and deliver the desired targets for logistic performance. The focus here lies with your processes and material handling systems’ operations. 
From process analysis to end-to-end operations
Vanderlande’s logistic services solutions can be as fundamental as streamlining support for numerous suppliers. It can also be as complex as taking full control of your operations. 
This includes matching the changing needs of the market and meeting the increased demands for flexibility, performance and risk mitigation. This allows you to focus on your core business, confident in the knowledge that Vanderlande is taking care of the rest.
The logistic services partnership encompasses two solutions. 
Optimise provides you with the expertise to keep your system and processes fit for purpose and includes the following services:
Operate is the ideal solution if you want us to execute the operations for you, so you can focus on your core business. It includes the following services: