Albert Heijn chooses Vanderlande

May 02, 2014
Food retail , Warehousing

Albert Heijn will invest in an automated distribution center for non-perishables. By creating more capacity in the same space, Albert Heijn can better accommodate the future demands of customers and supply its stores more efficiently. The quality of life at work will also improve for employees in the distribution center, as machines will take over the heavy manual labor. The first automated distribution center will be located on the site of the regional distribution center in Zaandam and is expected to be complete by the end of 2017. Vanderlande will provide the automation systems.

It goes without saying that at Vanderlande we are very proud to share this news with you. “In recent years we have focused on complete solutions for the Food Retail industry”, says Govert Hamers, CEO of Vanderlande. “This strategy is clearly paying off. Worldwide, we already work with large supermarket chains. Albert Heijn is a major and well-known chain in the Netherlands, which is also where our head office is located. The fact that we have now also been selected by Albert Heijn further underlines our success.”

With the new mechanised solution, Vanderlande will be able to make a significant contribution to providing extra capacity in the Albert Heijn distribution centre, which will lead to better service to its stores and a reduction in heavy physical work for employees. Albert Heijn states that ‘Vanderlande has the knowledge and expertise to deliver a fully mechanised solution for the size and speed of our organisation’. The scalability of this solution is also a big advantage.

Both parties will sign a memorandum of understanding for the detailed design, and after this stage has been successfully completed Albert Heijn will enter into a final contract with Vanderlande. The contract will initially be for one mechanised distribution centre to supply around 300 stores. The investment level associated with the planned mechanisation project is not being disclosed.