EDEKA Südwest Fleisch extends on-site service contract with Vanderlande

May 27, 2015
Life-cycle services , Warehousing

EDEKA Südwest Fleisch has extended its site-based service contract with Vanderlande for a further five years. The recently signed agreement for 24/7 full system support begins in June 2015 and includes operating instructions, maintenance and a hotline. In addition, Vanderlande employees will be responsible for administering and organising replacement parts stock.

Working closely with EDEKA Südwest Fleisch, based in Rheinstetten, Vanderlande designed and constructed the logistics centre located directly next to the meat and sausage production area for the plant, which began operation in July 2011. It is one of the most productive meat processing companies in Europe. After almost four years, EDEKA Südwest Fleisch continues to be satisfied with the highly complex system, as well as the work of the Vanderlande service team.

Intelligently managed and precisely synchronised, the logistics centre can respond to seasonal and daily market demands. High-performance automated storage and commissioning technicians, sorting and sequencing technologies, and handling and palletising systems work together like clockwork, and administer the required goods and delivery volumes. From the total range of 3,000 products, up to 70,000 shipping units are generated during the six-day, two-shift working week. The units are then loaded into 3,400 wheeled containers prior to delivery to more than 1,300 EDEKA retail outlets via 120 predefined truck routes.

The core of the logistics centre is made up of the 20-aisle QUICKSTORE high dynamic storage (HDS) from Vanderlande, with 50,000 container positions served by 140 HDS shuttles. The HDS is  rotated after up to 100,000 stock items sold, which sometimes happens more frequently than twice a day. During the course of the year, 10 to 20% of the almost 3,000 items in the product range are replaced.

The high-rotation HDS draws its replenishment supply from the high-bay storage facility. All products pass through this 30-metre high unit, which has 3,400 positions with storage shelves for pallets loaded with boxes or containers.

In the organisation of the commissioning area, importance was placed on short distances and the greatest flexibility with regard to daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal demands. For this reason, A and B products are manually selected in 19 commissioning zones with a maximum of 38 picking positions and a total of 570 product bays.

Pick-to-Light displays and the use of mobile data units support order picking, resulting in average outputs per position and hour of 400 picks. Two highly ergonomic Vanderlande PICK@EASE workstations have been installed for order picking C products.

An output of up to 700 picks per hour can be achieved at each of the workstations, which are equipped with a screen, scales, scanner and Pick-to-Light display. Almost 3,700 containers per hour are conveyed away from both sides of the HDS, consolidated on a roller conveyor and diverted via Vanderlande’s POSISORTER sliding skid sorter to 27 target destinations.