Published on 05-06-2017

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All over the world authorities and airports have 100% HBS (hold baggage screening) requirements. In most cases it concerns approved, so-called standard 3 EDS (Explosive Detection System) machines, based on x-ray technology. Integration of these machines into a baggage handling systems is a specialist task in order to guarantee highest throughput rates, while minimising inconvenience and delays, and ensuring a failsafe tracking concept for baggage.


Vanderlande has the knowledge and experience to plan and implement these complex operations, not only at green field sites, but also in a complex changeover from Standard 2 to Standard 3 in an operational environment.


At the Vanderlande headquarters in Veghel, the Netherlands, there is a 120-meter long, continuous baggage conveyor loop for integration and throughput testing of EDS machines. This testing is useful for both Vanderlande and suppliers of machines in order to find out realistic machine capacities and have more predictable on-site installations.


During the month of February 2017, the MV3D machine from L3 Technologies was successfully integrated in this loop. With a representative set of baggage, a throughput of 1,440 bags per hour was reached during a one-hour period. The machine showed capable of evaluating all baggage images. This figure is close to the maximum 1,500 bags per hour throughput that can be reached with an EDS machine in operational conditions with a belt speed of 0.5 meter per second.


The MV3D is already the fourth EDS machine that was tested at Vanderlande with more to follow. For more information, please send an e-mail to, with subject ‘EDS test’.

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