Published on 16-09-2020

NewsEnhanced safety at passenger checkpoint with new UV-C Tray Disinfection solution

Vanderlande introduces its new UV-C Tray Disinfection solution, designed to help airports make security checkpoints safer for both passengers and employees. Using short wavelength ultraviolet light, the solution is capable of killing and deactivating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on trays between each use.


Disinfecting high-touch surfaces has become a priority for airports as the industry is preparing for air traffic to pick up again. It is well known that the trays used at security checkpoints pose a concern as each bin can be touched by hundreds of passengers every day. Without an automated sanitizing solution, this would result in a significant increase in the need for manual cleaning of trays as well as a decrease in throughput at the checkpoint.


Designed to be easily integrated to new and existing automated screening lanes, Vanderlande’s UV-C unit automatically sanitizes trays between each use as they travel from the end of the lane back to the divesting area. The solution has been conceived with safety in mind, as it is completely shielded from agents and passengers to prevent from UV-C exposure. It also uses LED bulbs, offering a more sustainable alternative to the usual mercury bulbs commonly used for germicidal UV applications.


“We are proud to be able to support our airport partners in gaining back the confidence of travelers” says Andrew Manship, Executive Vice President Airports, Vanderlande. “The UV-C Tray Disinfection unit is only one of the many solutions we have been actively working on this year to help provide passengers a safe and seamless journey through the airport.”


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