Inspiring ‘Baggage as a service’ workshop helps set the agenda for innovation

July 13, 2016

Leading experts from the aviation industry recently met to take part in the ‘Baggage as a Service’ workshop in Amsterdam. Representatives from European airports, ACI, IATA, SITA, Schiphol Group, Vanderlande, Delft Technical University, and airlines and handling companies, gathered to discuss the future of the industry.

As air transport is predicted to double in the next few decades, the continued growth of the aviation industry presents large-scale challenges in developing the necessary infrastructure. “Europe in particular will witness a scarcity in runway capacity,” says Ad Rutten, former Schiphol COO. “This means that European sites must be proactive in outlining an appropriate strategy of innovation.”

Vanderlande worked closely with the PASSME project, Delft Technical University and Schiphol – under the guidance of ACI-Europe – to define a programme that will help to develop a strategic baggage innovation agenda.

The objective of the ‘Baggage as a Service’ workshop was to identify solutions that will extend beyond existing optimisation projects, be passenger-oriented and create innovative business models. The two-day event focused on three key areas:

1. the development of airport baggage infrastructure
2. the development of the necessary IT support
3. the assessment of future passenger demands and the role of social media.

The workshop followed a ‘backcasting’ process, which is used to identify the actions required to achieve a certain future goal. Leading specialists were also invited to outline the current scenario and delivered thought-provoking speeches to attendees.

“We were delighted to see so many representatives from the aviation industry coming together to discuss this common objective,” says Vanderlande’s CEO Goof Hamers. “The workshop has been a fantastic first step in addressing the challenges of our industry, and we’re looking forward to progressing the results of the two-day programme over the coming months.”