Published on 11-03-2018

NewsKiev Boryspil International Airport selects Vanderlande’s life-cycle services once more

On 31 December 2017, Vanderlande was awarded another service contract at Kiev Boryspil International Airport (KBP), Ukraine. Since 2013, Vanderlande has built up a solid reputation as a reliable partner by supporting the high-level controls software of the baggage handling system (BHS) at Terminal D.

The contract comprises an on-site personnel presence, a 24/7 Hotline, remote monitoring of the BHS software performance, audit inspections carried out on site by Vanderlande’s service specialists, and IT remote monitoring. Vanderlande’s process engineers also carry out quarterly visits to present their analysis of – and recommendations regarding – the BHS performance.

Terminal D comprises 75 check-in positions, 5-level inline screening, a HELIXORTER tilt-tray sorter, a lane-based early bag store (EBS), make-up and arrival carousels, and SCADA.

Special focus is given to safeguarding the high availability of the controls system, which is at the heart of any highly automated BHS. The controls system at KBP includes a sort allocation computer, a manual coding station, a baggage reconciliation system, and utilises BPI (Business Process Intelligence). These functions were initially delivered as part of Vanderlande’s VIBES software suite.

“As the growth of passenger traffic at the airport continues to rise, so too does the value of the BHS in Terminal D,” says KBP’s Head of IT Igor Vetokh. “The BHS is crucial in defining the capacity of an airport terminal, and is a structure with a continuous life cycle. A critical failure can lead to an avalanche-like disruption of the operational process.

“However, since 2013 – and thanks to Vanderlande – we have had no serious incidents and seamlessly handled over 10 million passengers in 2017.”

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