Schiphol’s 100th anniversary exhibition

July 13, 2016

During 2016, Schiphol is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a range of activities. One such event is an exhibition being staged at the Amsterdam Museum, which will feature a new retrospective about Schiphol’s history. From 15 September, visitors will have the opportunity to take an interactive look at the airport’s development using objects, images and sounds. Schiphol’s long-term partner Vanderlande will also participate with an educational, interactive demo of its high-speed BAGTRAX system.

The partnership between Schiphol and Vanderlande began 50 years ago. Vanderlande has been working closely with Schiphol since then, and has recently helped the airport to realise its growth strategy of handling 70 million bags per year. It has been an ambitious programme, with large-scale renovations that had to be carried out while airport operations remained live.

The following projects were completed as part of the programme:

• 2002 – Vanderlande was contracted to redesign the baggage handling system in Departures 3 (West) to meet 100% hold baggage screening (HBS) requirements. The system has built-in redundancy (modified in November 2012)
• 2006 – Transfer Screening D-pier: implementation of 100% HBS for baggage, removing the need for manual intervention
• 2007 – South Baggage Hall: incorporation of a pull concept with BAGSTORE and TUBTRAX ICS technology, and fully automated robot loading to ensure flight make-up is carried out in with an appropriate level of planning
• 2008 – Unloading Quays E-pier: this project provided Schiphol with the required transfer capacity, and included the latest screening equipment
• 2009 – Backbone: Vanderlande was awarded the contract to design and implement the backbone system, which connects all four baggage handling areas at the airport.

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