STACK@EASE – ideal for automated reconciliation

December 09, 2015
Vanderlande’s STACK@EASE was exhibited at the inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich. It was demonstrated to visitors as an integrated part of any baggage handling system, with its automated reconciliation feature.
At a number of airports, it is not uncommon for baggage handlers to scan bag tags with handheld devices. This takes up valuable time and effort at locations in which there is pressure to load efficiently, for example, when preparing baggage reconciliation at the flight make-up stage. By developing STACK@EASE, Vanderlande has introduced a highly flexible and versatile loading aid that helps operators to stack containers (ULDs) and carts efficiently with minimal physical effort. 
Until now, the manual scanning of tags slowed down the process of loading containers. However, by integrating the scanners into STACK@EASE, the speed of this procedure can be greatly increased. This also helps handlers to sort bags more quickly and comfortably, as less physical effort is needed during the loading process. Through simple controls, integrated in the bamboo support disc, a baggage handler triggers the cameras, which scan the bag tags automatically. 
This completely new approach – in which a loading aid is an integrated part of the baggage handling system – was demonstrated at the inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich. Visitors to Vanderlande’s stand had the opportunity to see the solution up close and get a feel for STACK@EASE’s intuitive design.
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