Toyota Industries Corporation launches Toyota Automated Logistics Group to house acquired companies

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has launched Toyota Automated Logistics Group (TALG) to house its existing subsidiary, Toyota L&F, alongside the companies it acquired in 2017 (Bastian Solutions and Vanderlande) and 2022 (viastore). As a result, it has increased its presence in all integrated and automated projects worldwide, and capitalised on the synergies between the respective organisations and the added value they offer to the market.

TALG’s company name has been created to reinforce the added value of the reliability, stability, commitment and security of Toyota as the group’s parent company. In addition, customers will benefit from the wide portfolio which range from integration of automated solution projects to end-to-end automated solutions offered by the four group companies to the global logistics market. With this in mind, the existing North American group name, Toyota Advanced Logistics North America, will be replaced with TALG.

As a global partner for integrated logistic process automation, TALG is committed to helping customers meet the challenges specific to their industries by incorporating its integrated portfolio of scalable systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services. With a full range of automated logistic solutions – from receiving to shipping – TALG supports all aspects of its customers’ manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and airports. It also complements the worldwide logistic solutions and high-quality products, such as forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, offered by the Toyota Material Handling Group.

While Toyota L&F focuses on the development of reliable and efficient systems to improve customers’ logistic processes, Bastian Solutions provides added value to companies of all sizes through leading technology resources and strong system integration capabilities. Furthermore, Vanderlande meets the complex challenges faced by businesses with the provision of sustainable and future-proof logistic process automation, while viastore provides customers with guaranteed success through customised warehouse and material flow logistic solutions.

“As a group, TALG is not only trusted to improve the competitive position of our customers, but also confirm our status as a leading global player in integrated logistic process automation,” says Norio Wakabayashi, Senior Executive Officer of TICO. “Wherever we operate in the world – and whatever the industry – through a combination of innovation, integration and automation, the Toyota Automated Logistics Group stays true to its guiding principle: for every challenge, a reliable solution.”

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