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Vanderlande introduces new self-service application for security checkpoints

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Vanderlande has today launched PAX Divest Assistant, a new self-service application for airport security checkpoints. The innovative solution allows passengers to move through the divestment process without the help of a local agent, contributing to a seamless experience and helping to enhance safety at the checkpoint.

Self-service applications are now common in airports worldwide, and widely used and appreciated by passengers. However, security checkpoints lack self-service options and are heavily reliant on constant interactions between agents and passengers. In the context of a global pandemic, airports must limit physical contact between their employees and travellers while factoring in resource limitations.

To address this challenge – and with a view to the future of security checkpoints – Vanderlande has developed PAX Divest Assistant. With this new concept, support agents are located remotely and can connect to passengers in need of assistance via video calls. This capability delivers increased flexibility to airports while providing staff with a safer and more pleasant working environment.

“Vanderlande sees a future in which security screening is a seamless process and passengers can enjoy a stress-free journey through the checkpoint,” says Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President and Board Member Andrew Manship. “We believe that the launch of this new solution is the next step towards achieving this vision, moving towards a situation where efficiency and the passenger experience go hand in hand.”

February 25, 2021

How self-service technology will make a positive impact at security checkpoints

To comply with new requirements and gain back the confidence of passengers, airports and airlines are turning to touchless processes. For example, paperless identification, system automation, and self-service applications. However, such innovations haven’t yet made their way to one of the airport’s most critical areas – the security checkpoint. Until now.

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February 23, 2021

The aviation industry: considering the road ahead

Last year, the aviation industry was still grappling with the impact of COVID-19. Can we be more optimistic about the future at the start of this new year? Andrew Manship, Executive Vice President Airport & Parcel Solutions and Member of the Board at Vanderlande, shares his views on the challenges ahead.

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February 18, 2021

Vanderlande screening lanes to streamline security checkpoints at CLT Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) new security checkpoints feature Vanderlande’s automated screening lanes as part of a major terminal expansion project.

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