Vanderlande invests in robot technology

February 12, 2014

Veghel – Vanderlande is set to acquire Ferdar Automation Technology (Ferdar). Ferdar is active as a robotics system integrator, including in the logistics sector.

“We are very pleased with this takeover,” says Govert Hamers, who became the new CEO of Vanderlande on 1 January 2014. “Ferdar is a valuable addition to our product portfolio and strengthens our profile as a high-tech system integrator. As a result of the takeover, we will immediately acquire high-quality expertise and we will be able to offer our customers even more comprehensive services.”

Customers of Vanderlande demand greater flexibility and a higher level of automation. As a result of taking over Ferdar, Vanderlande will acquire experience and competence in the application and development of robotics and related technology for goods handling. 

Robotics is becoming more and more important in logistics automation, for example, in palletising and depalletising products, and can help improve and optimise efficiency, profitability, continual operational availability and ergonomics. There are large numbers of potential applications for robotics especially in warehouse automation. Robots are also used increasingly more often in baggage handling at airports, for instance, for loading containers. 

Govert Hamers continues, "Robotics can be used to create solutions for food distribution or parts warehouses and this takeover will make our range of hardware and software products more complete."

According to Fred Bokhorst, the managing director of Ferdar, “the takeover by Vanderlande will facilitate the continued development and expansion of our technology, and will enable us to realise our ambitions on a higher level.”