Vanderlande is going the extra mile to become more sustainable

Vanderlande amended its vehicle lease policy on 1 March to help meet its sustainability targets. The changes apply to company headquarters in The Netherlands, and will lead to the phasing out of cars that are powered solely by fossil fuels.

The lease policy focuses on electric cars with the goal to make the entire fleet in Veghel fully electric within five years with some exceptions for specific role requirements and pool cars. The policy has been defined with the support of De Wagenparkbeheerders (Fleet Managers) who work with leasing company, Alphabet.

Vanderlande-branded Toyota pool cars have already been delivered under the new arrangements, and include one electric and four hybrid models. Vanderlande invites employees to experience driving an electric vehicle from the car pool. As such, it encourages them to embrace this sustainable technology and get acquainted with the performance and new aspects such as charging and planning your range.

For situations that include long distances, time constraints and limited availability of charging infrastructure, the company will continue to use hybrid vehicles as a temporary alternative. In time, the plan is to eliminate this intermediate step completely.

“One of our sustainability missions is to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2040,” says Bas Hofkes, Vanderlande’s Compensation & Benefits Specialist. “To help us reach that goal, we are focusing on eliminating emissions in all our day-to-day activities, and adopting this new lease policy is another step in the right direction.”

“We’re committed to providing our customers with sustainable mobility solutions as they head down the road to net zero,” says Jan Bom, Alphabet’s Key Account Manager. “Therefore, we are delighted to be supplying electric vehicles to Vanderlande, helping the company to reduce its CO2 footprint.”