Vanderlande publishes latest Sustainability Report

September 18, 2018

Vanderlande has published its FY2018 Sustainability Report, which documents the company’s performance, overall approach and specific targets with regards to this topic. This is the company’s first report written in accordance with the GRI standards and its ambition is to now produce a biennial publication.

The increasing life expectancy of the global population, coupled with the rise in average wealth and social opportunities among developing nations, are creating a global challenge in relation to natural resource use, escalating greenhouse gas levels and equality issues. With these challenges in mind, sustainability has long been an integral part of Vanderlande’s corporate strategy and provides a strong, long-term outlook.

Vanderlande’s latest Sustainability Report highlights a variety of areas, including health and safety at work, design safety and ergonomics, and employee development and training. It also addresses the energy use of Vanderlande’s products and systems, as well as its commitment to developing circular solutions.

“Sustainability is given a high priority within our organisation,” says Vanderlande’s CEO Remo Brunschwiler. “Innovative and fast-growing companies such as ours must strive harder than ever to reduce CO2 emissions and respect the natural capacity of the planet. By driving forward with our vision on sustainability, we are displaying our dedication to being a responsible entity within the global community.”

The full report can be found here. If you require any further information, please contact us.